April 25, 2024

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3 Lesser-Known Ways to Utilize Solar Energy

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Solar Energy

You’ve likely already read our blogs and done your research on solar power and our company as a power company and solar installation. This will help you to understand the potential benefits that going solar could bring to your home and/or business. You know the pros and cons of solar power and what the incentives and benefits are.Let’s look at a different way to use solar power to power our homes.

Most people picture solar power and solar installations as spending thousands of dollars to cover their roofs with solar panels. This is an option and it’s a viable option. However, you don’t need to go this route. You can increase your home’s energy efficiency using solar energy in other ways.

Solar-powered Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans, of any type, are a good idea because they remove hot air from your house and cool it down. This reduces your cooling costs and makes your home more efficient. However, they do require electricity to work and are wired into the electrical grid of your home. This can lead to some energy-savings.

Modern technology has given us a new option: solar power. Self-contained roof fans with photo-electric cells are available that can be used to run the fan motor without the use of household electricity. These units are great for cooling garages, sheds and attics. You can also get units that are freestanding units, which would be ideal for your patio.

Water heaters

Is your pool heated? Do you remember ever trying to swim in a pool that was not heated? You’ve likely experienced ice cold water, which is one of the most unpleasant feelings in the entire world. Even if your pool isn’t in use, you should have a water heater. Otherwise you would probably only shower once per week.

Swimming pools and indoor water facilities will be more enjoyable if the temperature is right. Your water heater, whether it is used for an outdoor or indoor pool, is one of your biggest energy-consuming systems. Another area where solar power can be used is the water heater. The solar power water heater is another area where solar energy can be used. The heaters are similar for indoor and outdoor water features. The thermal energy from a solar panel system heats the water before it is sent back to your pool.

Direct or indirect systems are available for active water heaters that use solar energy. Direct systems use a pump that circulates water through solar collectors into the area. These systems are great for areas that don’t experience freezing temperatures, such as Florida. Indirect systems use an anti-freeze liquid, which circulates through solar collectors. A heat exchanger transfers the energy into water.

Solaria is a big fan of the hybridwater heating system. These heaters use heat pump technology to take advantage of the year-round Floridian heat. They are powered by electricity. The heaters heat water by heating the surrounding air. They also have smart technology that adjusts the heater’s heating process to meet the water demand. You don’t have to reduce water temperature.


The solar battery is a device that stores excess energy from your solar panels. This energy can be used to power other parts of your home and allow you to “un-tie” from the power grid. It also allows you to avoid power outages and poor weather conditions. Which translates to more savings. Let’s say that you take a vacation and your batteries are charged. You’d be able to run your appliances with those charged batteries when you return.

The cost of installation and solar panel costs can be offset by batteries. They provide excess energy, maximize energy production, and reduce energy waste.

We are a comprehensive solar panel company, which specializes in both solar installation and more flexible and low-priced energy solutions like hybrid water heaters or solar batteries. Our goal is to make solar energy more accessible while reducing barriers to entry that often come with sunroof installation.

https://redsolar.energy/ was started with the mindset of renewable energy being the future. We can all agree that solar is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s not the only way.  Contact us for more information today!

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