June 22, 2024

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Refresh your kitchen for a simple but effective makeover!

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Refresh your kitchen

A matter of style

If the world of the kitchen has developed considerably in recent years in order to offer varied ranges in terms of style, the furniture itself remains generally standardized. Only the coverings (doors, handles, worktop) really influence the look of the kitchens. That’s why, without completely replacing your furniture and equipment, you can give your kitchen a new look . And between country-chic, Provençal, classic, natural, English, modern and contemporary styles , the choice is vast!

Simple interventions to revamp your kitchen

There are many tips for refreshing your kitchen. Limited and targeted transformations may indeed be sufficient to modernize your decoration to your tastes. Thus, paints for tiling and adhesive coatings will make it possible to modify your floors or your walls. For the furniture, some can be repainted or covered with decorative adhesives and the door handles can be changed to match the new style of your kitchen, even if it means replacing only the worktop for the general harmony of the decoration. .

A kitchen decoration to refine

Remember that the style of your kitchen does not only depend on its furniture and coverings. Decorative ideas can bring an original touch such as aromatic plants to give a natural touch, wall shelves to replace wall units in order to ventilate spaces or even slate paint , very trendy, to personalize or repersonalize your kitchen at home. envy!

Savings to think bigger?

These refreshments are on the whole inexpensive. They can therefore be an opportunity to undertake other renovation work in your kitchen, such as the installation of an industrial glass roof to diversify light sources.

The Val d’Yerres Agency of La Maison Des Travaux is at your disposal to assist you in your kitchen renovation work .

Note: the La Maison des Travaux service is completely free for the customer, we are exclusively remunerated by our partner craftsmen for the time and business that we save them.

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