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What Kind Of Paint Should I Use On Kitchen Cabinets?

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Paint Should I Use On Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets look tired. You are tired of looking at your cabinets.

Continue reading to find out how to paint your kitchen cabinets.

First, is painting the right option?

Be sure to check your cabinets before you decide to repaint.

Are they in good shape? Despite being unsightly, nicks and scrapes can be fixed during the repainting process. However, structural damage will need to be refaced or replaced.

Sometimes, the drawers and doors are too damaged but the boxes remain in good condition. Refacing, which involves veneering the cabinets and replacing the drawer fronts and doors, is the best option.

Sometimes, boxes are not well-constructed. It is possible to damage cheap cabinets with brittle rails and thin backs. In these cases, replacement may be required.

Laminate cabinets are not as tolerant to paint as wooden cabinets.

Repainting is the best option if you have only damaged or chipped paint on your wooden cabinets.

Select a primer

You should avoid using all-in-one primers and paint products. Instead, prime your cabinets ( after thoroughly preparing them, of course. To help paint stick to your cabinets, a water-soluble waterborne paint like Sherwinn Williams is a great choice.

Choose oil or latex

Before you decide on your paint color, weigh the pros and cons to oil and latex.

  • Latex is quick to dry and easy to clean up
  • Oil paints will leave you with a smoother, firmer surface.
  • Oil paints dry slower than oil paints.
  • Latex paints take longer for them to fully cure, making them more vulnerable to damage.

Both paints can give you a great finish. You can choose the paint that you prefer if you have someone else paint your cabinets.

Select a Finish

Durability is crucial in a kitchen. Every day, your cabinets will be subject to spills, splashes and dirty fingers. You want a finish that is easy to clean. Semigloss, gloss or satin are all good options. But avoid matte or eggshell.

Spray or brush?

Spray-on finishes give you the best results but are more difficult to apply, especially if your equipment is not up to the task. Brush marks can be left behind by a brush so make sure to only use it in the most visible areas. A high-quality, 2-1/2-inch to 2-1/2-inch fine bristle toothbrush could be used to achieve a seamless look.

It’s often a good idea to remove drawers and doors, spray them somewhere else, and then re-install them after they dry completely. Remember that rollers leave marks. They should be avoided at all costs.

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