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Luxury home architect

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Luxury home architect

A luxury home is a high-end construction. The needs of such a project must meet standards, both in terms of design, construction and finish. As this is a large-scale investment, the choice of a good professional to accompany you must be judicious. As such, the architect will be your best interlocutor. Find out with AAPL Archi , how the architecture firm Pascal Lestringant can help you build your prestigious villa in the Var.

Pascal Lestringant is an architect recognized for his modern style, specializing in the construction of luxurious villas for foreigners and wealthy clients. They are aimed at both Russians and English speakers looking for personalized architecture that will deeply anchor them in this prestigious region near Cannes, Moulton, Frustums, in short the Côte d’Azur, where luxury abounds. The AAPL ARCHI team carries out not only exterior fittings but also interior architectural elements using space and partitions as contemporary furniture, favoring the luxury of space and the use of noble materials.

The design and construction of the landscaped garden as well as the outdoor facilities are also part of the work of the architects. They can be seen in this luxury villa located in the commune of Bandol with modern amenities. These contemporary and luxurious homes offer owners an unforgettable experience. A luxury villa project? Contact us to establish specifications and bring your dream to life.


Do you want to build a custom -made, high-end house? The architect is your ally of choice. As a true professional, the architect designs a tailor-made project that lives up to your dreams. For a luxury home, this professional takes care of the exterior design , but also the interior architecture and the stylish decoration of your home. From listening to your needs, to the implementation of the construction plans, through the choice of materials, the architect has all the necessary skills to transform his sketches into a high-end house.


Starting from your aspirations and requirements, the architect brings your project to life . He relies on all your inspirations to design the plans for your future luxury home. With his expertise, he accompanies you on all types of projects and at all stages of completion.

Building project

As part of a new construction, the architect is the expert who takes care of the design and implementation of your luxury home.

He studies the feasibility of your project while taking into account its location in the environment.

He designs the different plans and layouts , and on a high standing design.

He integrates in his plans , the choice of materials, finishes, in order to meet the requirements of luxury.

He makes sure to choose the service providers , the project owner and supervises all the work.

Renovation project

Do you want to renovate a traditional or classic house and turn it into a luxury villa? The architect accompanies you with his expertise.

Starting from the existing building, he designs the renovation plans according to the chosen design

he adapts his plans to the budget, the feasibility of the project and the various constraints.

He selects the stakeholders , monitors the project and coordinates all activities,

it guarantees the renovation according to municipal regulatory requirements or according to French law.

Expansion project    

Do you want to extend a small house? The architect will make you benefit from his expertise for the implementation of this project.

He studies the feasibility of the project and draws up the graphic and technical plans for the expansion.

It guarantees the project according to environmental and urban regulations.

He makes the choice of various materials , intervening actors, service providers and project owner.

It guarantees the delivery of the project according to the original plan

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