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Ten Common Moving Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Move

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Can Ruin Your Move

Moving is among the most strenuous and stressful life events. For most individuals, it results in more pressure compared to divorce. All the stress, combined with nearly infinite details, which go into a move, might result in mistakes, such as the following:

1.  DIYing the Move

Choosing a good mover, such as AAA Moving & Storage Co, is a helpful task. But still, it is the most common mistake people make when relocating. So save yourself the trouble and make sure you have the support you require by working with the best mover.

2.  Forgetting to Prepare a Checklist

Regardless of your experience, a checklist for a move is important for any relocation. Whether you want to head to a new home or office, a moving checklist will keep you on schedule and budget.

3.  Damaging Furniture

Unfortunately, damaging pieces of furniture is a common mistake people make. During your move, you can easily damage items like desks, chairs, sofas, and other heavy furnishings, especially when you decide to handle everything yourself.

4.  Lagging behind the Schedule

Falling behind your schedule may overwhelm you easily. So many experts recommend that your try prepare your move early, enlist the services of experts, and follow a moving checklist.

5.  Not Having Enough Supplies

Great mistake homeowners make is to lack enough supplies for packing. To avoid this mistake, you will have to determine how many boxes you need for your things and ascertain that you purchase extra or enough.

6.  Not Preparing Well

Not having enough time to prepare yourself well for your move can be problematic. Time shortage when planning for a move may result from poor organization.

7. You Didn’t Counter check the Insurance

Unfortunately, damages may happen during your move, especially when dealing with very fragile items. So it is vital to counter check that your households are insured fully so as to cover your move.

8.  Packing without a Great Plan

Organizing your move without a checklist is unwise. However, packing yourself without a great plan may sometimes be worse. Packing for your move is by far a very time-consuming task you can ever take. So packing without a calendar means you can end up way behind schedule. This is likely to hurt your chance of having a stress-free move.

9.  Not Cleaning the Old House

Cleaning your old apartment is an important part of your moving process. Failure to do that, cash could be deducted from the security deposit so as to cover the cleaning service expenses. Ensure you clean the floors, bathrooms, ceiling fans, and appliances.

10. Failure to Take Care of Packaging Requirements

Special packaging will be required for unusual items, such as flat-screen TVs, computers, musical instruments, and chandeliers. If you fail to keep those items secure with proper packaging and tools, you could be in for a difficult time.

For tips to pack notoriously difficult items so they don’t get damaged in the move, check out the infographic below!Colorado Springs moving services

Infographic provided by iHauliMove, a Colorado Springs moving services company

Closing Remarks!

Moving is not easy. And it can even be tougher when you make some of these mistakes. From failing to look at the calendar to a major packing faux pas, these mistakes may cost you cash and lead to an unpleasant experience. This is why it is important to be aware of those mistakes so that you can avoid them.

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