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Why Should One Choose To Buy Quartz Shower Trays?

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Quartz Shower Trays

Shower trays nowadays have become the trending masterpieces for bathroom remodelling. Most of the customers choose to purchase the same for enhancing the luxury of the bathrooms. These may be bought from the physical market or digital stores.

To buy quartz shower tray online india is the best solution to get good quality and low maintenance at reasonable prices. The high quality of quartz is incomparable since the strength and waterproof nature of this material are highly durable and requires low maintenance cost.

The level of mobility according to the curb design of these provides a safe shower environment and a solid surface for the user to prevent any skidding or slipping on the moist surface. Moreover, these shower trays beautify the bathroom design without the extra expenditure for finishing the space. In addition to this, the customisation of the drain as per the bathroom location and the complete look over like a spa bathroom makes these a necessity in today’s trending world. 

A few important benefits of buying the quartz shower trays

  • Water-resistant surface feature

There is no doubt that quartz is a durable material that provides a water-resistant solid surface. The waterproof quality of these shower trays makes them the best means to provide luxury to your bath shower areas.

  • Different designs and options are available online

In the respective digital stores, many more latest designs are available as per the design mobility of your bathrooms. Moreover, in online purchases, the sizes and quality have their perfect variance in stock. It is very important to select a shower tray as per the requirement according to the area. The functionality and practical stunning style with low maintenance has always been favouring features for choosing to purchase quartz shower trays.

  • Customisation of the drainage system

In quartz shower trays the drainage system is developed according to the requirements and the level of the shower tray. These are pre-sloped perfection and therefore there is no need to slope the same manually after installation, also the tendency to deal with water pooling is avoided.

  • Best fitted even in the spa bathroom

The best quartz shower tray online is even the best fit for luxury bathrooms in spa centres. The product simply compliments the high-end bathrooms giving them a subtle look. These types of shower trays compliment even the laminated shower wall panels etc. at such professional centres.

  • Affordable and tensile strength

Quartz is a well-known durable material and therefore less maintenance cost is required two enhance the life of these shower trays. Such shower trays are not made from joint pieces instead it is a single solid unit and therefore the care and maintenance of the same become easy. Also, these are available in various designs and can be accommodated as per the designer requirement of your bathroom areas that may be covered or hooked, angled or odd shaped etc. Even these can be customised as per the requirement and preference of the customer.

Though such shower trays give an expensive look online stores make them affordable with the best prices guaranteed in comparison to the competitors. These are high quality and tensile in strength and therefore can be a considerable weight without any difficulty or problem.

  • Colour variance available

With lots and lots of colour variance, the product makes your bathrooms fancy with unmatched different patterns to make your splash enjoyable. Additionally, the variety of colours gives your bathroom a glaze of finish that provides a luxury look to the area. This is an excellent outcome of technology and creativity in the respective field.

  • Different shapes

Quartz shower trays is available in different sizes and shapes from circular to rectangle and from d shaped to pentagonal and quadrant etc. The shapes are well-fitted or recessed on the floor to avoid any inconvenience in future. With appreciable length and width, these form the leading quartz shower tray suppliers.

  • Scratch-resistant and perfectly leakage free

Quartz shower trays are completely scratch resistant and non-porous and this makes them the best product for damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens etc. With most of the aesthetic look, the material offered is unique and trending.

In bathrooms, designers had opted to choose this material for renovation purposes because of its uniqueness and stain-resistant capability. Easy to clean this forms the best alternative for being used as a perfect material for making shower trays. 

Why is quartz preferred over other materials?

Quartz has always been a preferred material for interior designers. This is because of the versatile quality of the material and the wide range of available colours are patterns including different attractive prints that help quartz mimic the look of natural stone. Most luxurious master bathrooms use such shower trays because of their significant benefits relating to appearance, flexibility and durability.

From slabs to flooring, from shower surrounds to shower trays, from windows sills to shower

seats etc. all have always been the first choice for modern interior design as these can be utilised innovatively.

The potential and ease of material to withstand the routine wear and tear due to water makes it the finest choice for the purpose. Quartz is a good material that can easily bear the heat of steam showers and remain effective in quality under any circumstances. The market has different options for bathroom and steam showers but none is as good as quartz shower trays.  


Quantra Quartz is best for commercial purposes as well as residential purposes. The manufacturers here offer lifetime quartz products of the best quality. The exclusive durability of their products adds an impressive appearance and the feel of luxury to your bathroom interiors. The sleekness and simplicity of the product stand incomparable in all aspects. Easy cleaning by wiping off with soap and water regularly helps in keeping the stains away from the product and helps in maintaining the quality and beauty of the area. It is advisable to avoid the use of any bleaching agent or other similar products on the respective surfaces.

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